About Rocket Soccer Derby


Rocket Soccer Derby is a sports car simulation game where you drive around a football pitch and score goals against your opponent. Fun and addicting gameplay.

Inspiration for the game

Football is a team sport. In this sport, the players play with a spherical hot ball in between the two teams. Currently, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It has over 250 million players across more than 2000 countries. Just go through two basic figures. We have seen the popularity of football in the sports world. The rules of this sport are also very simple. You just need to score into the opponent's goal. The team that scores more goals wins.

Besides, racing is also a sport that millions of people are interested in. Your task is to control the car on the track. Battle months will be calculated based on the time of the competition. The faster you run, the higher your score. You can race on normal roads or specialized roads for matches. One of the biggest racing events is Formula One. This racing series focuses on technology and top racers.

Both football and racing are increasingly asserting their position in the world of sports. Moreover, they are also frequently included in sports games. These two sports are two potential topics for game makers because of the large number of fans of these two sports. Recognizing this market, the Rocket Soccer Derby game will meet the needs of enthusiasts of both football and racing. The game is a combination of both these sports.

The Rules

This game is a combination of soccer games and car games. Your mission is to control your car to the soccer pitch and try to score goals against your opponent. You master your vehicle with smooth and skilful moves like a football player.

You have the option of joining the Rocket League or playing a brief game. By joining Rocket League, you can compete for in-game currency and cogs to develop your vehicle.

You begin in the Beginners League but can quickly advance to the Intermediate League and possibly even the Expert League once you get the hang of it. To win every game by outscoring your opponents in the first 90 seconds, you must become the world champion. Score as many goals as you can in the allotted time to gain victory.

Upgrades and modes

This sports game equips more upgraded vehicles, breathtaking graphics, and ultra-realistic car mechanics. You are free to choose your favourite car. Each car has its own design. Every little detail is also paid attention to create the most perfect car. You can see cool cars with dark tones like black, brown, and blue. Cars that stand out with bright colours such as pink, orange, and red are also available. You don't need to unlock or buy new vehicles. All cars are ready for use.

In addition, you can choose your flag. There are more than 28 flags representing 28 different countries. It is lucky and proud if you can play with the flag of the country. Flags of other countries will be added soon. You can play with your favourite flag while waiting for your country's flag.

Besides that, you can select between 1P or 2P game modes to play. In 1P mode, you will play alone against the CPU. This is a great mode for a workout or for your own time. You can get used to the game's controls. Taking time to play alone is also a great idea. In contrast, the 2P mode will let you play with another player. Invite your friends to play together. It will help you connect with the people around you more.

Furthermore, you can choose to play with bots or without bots. If you play against bots, you will form a team. This team consists of you and a CPU. The bot will help you during the game. Chatting the ball, blocking the ball and scoring are the jobs that bots can do. You can also play without bots if you want.

Great features

In this racing soccer game, players are given enhanced cars that resemble demolition derbies and may be used to smash into the soccer ball for spectacular, action-packed goals. Your racing soccer abilities will be put to the ultimate test with stunning graphics and incredibly realistic automobile physics!

Features of Rocket Soccer Derby include

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Two game modes
  • Smooth car physics
  • Detailed car customization
  • Earn achievements and level-up
  • Colourful graphics and cool effects

Rocket Soccer Derby is predicted to bring you wonderful moments! Let's start and enjoy!

You're about to participate in a sporting event in the truest Rocket League style in an impressive soccer stadium!

Prepare to drive your car onto the soccer field and compete for the greatest soccer honour. You manoeuvre your vehicle with fluidity and finesse, controlling it like a real rocket.

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • F to lock the ball
  • Shift to use nitro
  • Space bar to jump

This game was developed and released by Destruction Crew.


Is Rocket Soccer Derby online?

Rocket Soccer Derby game is ready to play online. You can easily access our website to play online. This game is free for you.

How to control Rocket Soccer Derby?

This sports game has easy control. You only need to use WASD or arrow keys to move. Use the W key or the up arrow key to move forward. Use the AD key or left and right arrow keys to move sideways. Brake by pressing the S key or the down arrow key. You can also jump with the spacebar. Double-tap twice to perform amazing backflips. Besides, you can lock the ball with the F key and use the nitro with the Shift key.