Human Vehicle

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About Human Vehicle


A really original and enjoyable game is Human Vehicle. Have you ever considered combining people and means of transportation? You will encounter that novel feeling in this game!

In the game Human Vehicle, players construct bicycles, vehicles, and more from human beings. As you navigate the challenging stages filled with obstacles and gather additional red diamonds, you'll be able to choose new friends. This game is quite innovative and special.

Although it's a unique but straightforward concept, there are several things you should be aware of if you want to finish strong. The people you gather on the track can be combined into a car with the corresponding amount of people. Naturally, this is fantastic because it will enable you to accelerate and reach the finish line earlier.

Note that there are numerous obstacles on this track. They are little barriers constructed in the middle of the street. You must securely pass through them. Otherwise, you will lose the number of teammates you have recruited. People should always come before rocks. Naturally, as you play, you will amass gems, but the more players there are, the greater the multiplier you will receive at the level's conclusion. A large wall will also increase your likelihood of continuing. More significant than rocks are people.