About Penalty Challenge Multiplayer


Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is an amazing soccer sports game. Control a soccer player and a goalkeeper on a mission to both score goals and block shots from opponents.

In the exciting and fun Multiplayer Penalty Challenge game You have the option to play as both player and goalkeeper in this game. Two teams are competing to find the champion, the first half will determine the winner. Your mission is very simple: Support your home team and stop the opponent. Make the most of those five penalties. Swipe to shoot the ball as a player. You will also learn to play goalkeeper. To allow your opponent to kick, tap the screen. For a simpler victory, trick your opponent into going in the direction you want.

You can choose your favorite formation to participate in professional free-kick rounds before the real match starts. Do you have confidence in your soccer ability? Let's start this game and see how daring you are!


  • Attractive sports game
  • Multiplayer
  • Different soccer teams

How to play

  • Swipe the ball to shoot it.
  • Touch the screen to allow the opponent to shoot the ball.