About Traffic Control


Traffic Control is an arcade and driving car game to avoid accidents and drive vehicles to their destination successfully. Show your management skills!

Crazy traffic occurred! It is your responsibility to skillfully navigate defenseless motorists through the gridlock. Avoid tragic collisions on risky roadways by using your management skills. Get the automobiles safely through the traffic. Avoid hitting other vehicles or trams in crashes. To accelerate the vehicle and earn more points, tap on it. When faced with a challenging issue, slow down.

You can unlock all 5 of the levels by meeting their conditions. Simply keep an eye on the traffic and accelerate any vehicles that might crash. The greater your score, the more vehicles will pass through the road. When you achieve a given level or high score, further levels become available.

In this incredibly entertaining and simple game, you only need to tap once to direct traffic at the wackiest junctions. Play one of the most realistic traffic simulation games you'll find all year to hone your skills.

Manage busy intersections to ensure safe passage of cars and avoid traffic accidents. This game was developed and released by InLogic Games.

How to play

Click or Touch On Cars to speed them up in traffic.