Bumpy Ball

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About Bumpy Ball


Bumpy Ball is a great arcade game. Join a special ball game and use your car as a competition player now!

Do you like football games? If you are a lover of football sport and related games then this game is for you. The craziest soccer game is about to happen. A ball game between cars and you control them to score goals. It's really cool and brings a new experience. Bumpy Ball has more than 40 levels and the difficulty will be gradually increased to create challenges for players.

Game rules and controls are easy to implement. You need to control your car like a professional player, including skills such as holding the ball, dribbling, and scoring goals. If you have mastered these skills, this is your advantage over other players. But if you want to become a champion you need to really pay attention to the timing and not miss any chance to score a goal. At the same time, you need to be really careful because your opponent will be able to steal your ball at any time and attack your goal.