About Squid Soccer


Squid Soccer is an exciting sports arcade game in which you need to control a Squid Goalkeeper to prevent scoring. Catch the ball successfully to get points!

In this game, your task is to control the character Squid to block the ball and prevent the ball from scoring. To control your character, you need to slide your mouse to move the character around the goal. When the ball comes, make sure your character can catch it. The balls will come continuously because many players take turns kicking. Can you keep up with these constantly coming balls? Each time you catch it, you will get points. Try to get the highest score possible because jute is an endless game. Besides, if you win admirable achievements, you will get medals. Collect as many medals as possible. You can track the number of medals you have received in the Won Medals section of the main screen.

This game has attractive gameplay, easy controls and great effects. You can join this game to entertain yourself after hard working days or show your catching ability. In particular, this sports game is based on the famous Squid Game movie with the pink shirt character. This character will now become a goalkeeper. You can choose from one of three available characters: The character with the mask has a circle, square and triangle shape.

Features of Squid Soccer

  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls
  • Colourful graphics and cool effects
  • Try to get the highest score

How to play

Slide your mouse to control your character.