About Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is an engaging running game that gives players a great experience. You are being chased by a monster and you can just run and not make any mistakes.

During an ancient temple expedition in a deep unspoiled forest. You have accidentally awakened an evil monster residing here. and immediately you are the prey it chases. Your mission is to run and run. Don't turn around and need to concentrate so that you don't stumble. The monster has been following you and it will catch you immediately if you hit an obstacle. Not only are there monsters that threaten your life, but holes will appear suddenly and a quick reflex is required to get through them safely without falling down.


  • You need to be really calm. The situation is really dangerous but if you don't stay calm you will be caught by it immediately.
  • You need a quick reflex. Try to train yourself to react to obstacles or situations to be able to safely escape from dangerous monsters.
  • Don't forget to collect coins. But note that it is very difficult to collect all the coins. Because sometimes it leads to deadly pits. But coins will help you to upgrade more costumes and equipment.