2 Player Head Football

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About 2 Player Head Football


In the amazing soccer game 2 Player Head Football you will become legendary players. The most popular 2-player game, make professional dribbles and passes.

A video game called Head Soccer 2 Player blends volleyball and soccer. You can challenge your opponents using any of the four soccer characters. You have 90 seconds to hit the ball at your opponent using only your head during each match. Each ball that goes unrecovered by your opponent counts as a "TARGET" for you.

You will have fun with all the famous players in another entertaining 2-player mode for 2 players to provide you with an enjoyable experience. Choose your all-time favorite players, such as the legendary Mele from Brazil or Cris Donarlo from Portugal, and play some CPU-demanding matches against them or play on the same computer against one of your closest friends. To win the game, simply jump and strike the ball as many times as you can into the opposing goal before the game is over.