About Electron Dash


In the incredibly intriguing running game Electron Dash, you take control of an astronaut who is dashing through a hole in space on a straight course to return.

Welcome to the best running game ever! Through this game, you take control of an astronaut and guide him along a course in space to return to Earth. There is no other way to return him to his home. However, because of the numerous holes, this trail is exceedingly challenging to travel. You could at any time tumble and launch into space if you are not careful. Therefore, you must develop good skills so that you can assist astronauts in completing all of the levels.

You will first be in control of an astronaut character who is running through space. To choose the best course, you must have the ability to observe. Change the character's movement as necessary to take the shortest route. Assist the astronaut in covering the ground. Can you assist the protagonist in getting home? I think you can accomplish this. You have a lot of levels and challenges to complete that are waiting to be established. With each level, the game's difficulty gradually rises. I hope you win this game as the runner with the highest score!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move sideways to change the direction of the character's run. Use the up arrow key to jump.