About Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer is a game based on the dinosaur egg shooting version, but with a football-themed graphic innovation. Aim and throw shots to break as many balls as possible.

Are you ready to join a special soccer game? Do you have the confidence to complete the mission in the soccer game based on the original game shoot dinosaur eggs? It is similar to other games that sell dinosaur eggs but is replaced with football-themed graphics. This is perfect for those who love moon sport king and looking for a unique novelty.


  • Prepare for the most powerful shots to break as many balls as possible.
  • Note that only balls of the same color can cancel each other.
  • From 3 or more balls of the same color, they will be destroyed.
  • You need to pay attention to the exact position to shoot the ball. If you aim the wrong way, the suppression will be much more difficult.
  • Pay attention to the time because you will not have much time after each shot, the ball will be cornered and quickly hit the line if you do not destroy it all in time.