About Soccer Physics 2


Soccer Physics 2 is a very fun physics combination football game. Your team will play with 2 players, combine them and score as many goals.

What do you think of this Soccer Physics 2 soccer match? In this physics-based soccer game, the characters' animations are so funny that they make you laugh instantly. In this world, they can only move by jumping and leaning so in this ball game you will see very unusual and crazy movements. All the fans are waiting for an exciting match between two professional teams. Join the soccer match now and win the championship. Good luck!

Soccer Physics 2 is a fun two-player game. Begin the fun ball game with your buddies. This is difficult since you must master physics in order to control your players. All of the moves, including moving and scoring, are extremely difficult. You must practice and become familiar with physics.


  • The soccer game that combines physics.
  • 2 player soccer game.
  • The enemy's moves are crazy and funny.
  • It takes time to get used to the physical background to be able to control the character as you like.

How to play

1 player

  • To jump, use the up arrow.
  • Kick with the left arrow.

2 players

  • To jump, press W or the up arrow.
  • Kick with D or the left arrow.