About 2 Player Imposter Soccer


2 Player Imposter Soccer is an attractive sports game in which you have to control a ball and score to the opponent's goal. Get the highest points to win!

You can transform into a professional player to guide a ball by jumping, moving forward, and backward. Gain score by hitting the opposing goal with your skillful abilities. The player who scores the most goals wins the game until the final whistle. Besides that, you can use diamonds after battle to unlock new characters' skins. Select your favorite costume to show your personality.

This fun game is suitable for all ages, both children and adults. All people can participate in this game and enjoy exciting moments. Let's get this game started, win, and become a football superstar!

Features of 2 Player Imposter Soccer

  • Fighting game
  • Unlock new characters
  • Multiplayer

Release Date

  • Jan 14 2022

How to play

Player 1

  • Jump: "Up Arrow
  • Left: "Left Arrow"
  • Right: "Right Arrow"
  • Kick: "P" or "Down Arrow"

Player 2

  • Jump: "W"
  • Left: "A"
  • Right:"D"
  • Kick:"S"