About Champion Soccer


Champion Soccer is an exciting and fun soccer game in which you particulate in soccer matches. Try to become the first team getting score. Have fun!

Welcome to the online champion football game! After starting this game, you can choose your favorite national team, which you only watch on TV. Become a professional player and start a match to fight your opponent. Each team has three members. Cooperate together to score the goal.

Each match will last in 60 seconds. The team scoring first will receive one point, and the team winning all rounds will be the champion. Besides that, there are various orange balls that are thrown into the field continuously. If your team's players touch or collide with these balls, they will be frozen or fall.

Features of Champion Soccer

  • Exciting and fun soccer gameplay
  • Time's up
  • Cooperation game

Release Date

  • Jul 13, 2021

How to play

  • SPACE BAR to kick
  • Slide WASD to move