About Xmas Jump


A brand new and fun Christmas theme game called Xmas Jump. The goal of the game is to jump as high as you can while collecting gifts and avoiding falling blocks.

Play the brand new arcade game Xmas Jump with your friends this holiday season. Are you ready for this exciting challenge? Santa has to jump as high as he can while collecting gifts and avoiding falling blocks as part of his goal. You must be able to react quickly to unforeseen situations to do this. Try to help Santa collect as many presents as possible. In this Christmas-themed online multiplayer game, you can compete against each other!

A popular simple and fun arcade game called "Xmas Jump". You can play alone and aim for the highest score possible. Alternatively, you and a friend can fight to see who can earn the highest score. The concept is attractive because it will definitely make the game more attractive. Your score increases with the number of structures you have. Have fun!

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How to play

Left click to make Santa Claus jump and stack towers while playing the game.