About Penalty Kick Sport Game


Penalty Kick Sport Game is an exciting soccer game in which you have to score a goal when performing penalty. Aim and kick exactly to get the highest score!

When you watch soccer matches on TV, you often see penalties after each mistake of the opposing team. Now, you can experience the feeling of a professional player when performing penalties. Your mission is to aim, kick and score. The gameplay is so simple. However, be careful because there is always a goalkeeper who will prevent you from gaining a score. You will lose if the goalkeeper gets three balls. Besides that, the game's speed is gradually increased to make it more difficult. It requires your fast reflexes and reaction. Let's demonstrate your soccer prowess to the rest of the world!

Features of Penalty Kick Sport Game

  • Exciting soccer game
  • Simple gameplay
  • Singleplayer

How to play

  • On mobile: Touch on screen.
  • On PC: Use mouse.