Description is a perfect combination of fast cars and hockey. Join an exciting hockey match, instead of players, you control racing vehicles. Your goal is to score with the shot.

Yes, I'm one of the millions of gamers in that vehicle soccer game, as you are aware. All I am familiar with is the online video game In order to win, you will compete with other players and try to score as many goals as you can. You should pick one of the game's powers to eliminate the opposition. Additionally, you are attempting to protect yourself from your adversary. The game is enjoyable, but first, you must learn how to play. The control scheme will alter slightly when players are replaced with automobiles. You will play against actual people in this multiplayer online game rather than computer opponents. In your game, try to gather little boxes because they can speed up your progress. Let's play, let's play! and the well-known Rocket League are extremely similar games, but with a ball in place of a ball. Driving a car is required to assist your team in scoring goals the goal of the other team. Use the arrow keys to steer your sports car in the direction of the puck. With your bump, smash the ball and send it hurtling towards the opponent's goal. In order to prevent the opposition from scoring in your goal, you can block them, cause the ball to bounce off the board, or pass the ball to your teammates. Drive past the power-ups to gain an acceleration boost; they are dispersed over the field. By achieving goals and leveling up, you can get experience points and unlock new vehicles.

How to play

  • To Motion use WASD or arrow keys
  • To enhance the use of SPACEBAR key
  • To display the score use TAB. key
  • To Chat use ENTER key
  • Let Game Preferences use ESC