About SS Euro Cup 2021


SS Euro Cup 2021 brings a Euro Cup soccer tournament into a video game. If you are a football fan then join now to take your team to the championship trophy.

Italy won a penalty shootout 3-2 over England in the 2021 European Championship. Are you pleased with the outcome? Do you wish to play in the Euro Cup 2021 to support your favorite team in their quest to win the European Championship? Now is the time to play SS Euro Cup 2021 and make your dreams come true. Before the game begins, pick your favorite team. Before the actual match, you can practice. If your team is ready, click the play cup button to begin the Euro Cup 2021 tournament right now. The Euro Cup 2021 will include a total of 24 countries. Other countries will be assigned to you at random. Your aim is to score as many goals as possible and defend as well as possible during the 90s of the game. This game will faithfully reproduce a professional football match. There are corners, throw-ins, penalties, and fouls like real football.


  • Real and professional soccer game.
  • Recreate a football tournament that is noticed by the whole world is the Euro Cup.
  • There are 2 rounds, each round lasts 45s.
  • Realistic and beautiful graphics make players feel like participating in a real-life match.