About Letter Boom Blast


Letter Boom Blast is the perfect combination of pure baseball arcade games and letter puzzle games. Your goal in this fun game is to help the red stickman baseball player run to the finish line. To overcome the obstacle you need to blast all the wrong letters out of the obstacle from the cube. If the position you destroy is in accordance with the requirements of the game, the obstacle will be destroyed immediately and the red stickman will move closer to the finish line.

Would you enjoy playing baseball? The word puzzle game Letter Boom Blast, which features 3D stickman baseball players and yellow letter blocks, is recommended as a baseball physics video game. By discovering every incorrect letter in each level and crossing them out in a set amount of time, it is possible to advance to the final region. You must take a second to compose your shot correctly if you type the wrong letter. I sincerely hope you succeed in completing every level and enjoy yourself.


  • Try to find the wrong letter quickly.
  • Aim precisely and launch a hit that destroys the letter you want.
  • Use your vocabulary to complete all levels!