About Football Superstars 2022


Football Superstars 2022 is an amazing football game in the single-player game genre. Your mission is to score as many goals as possible.

Welcome to the latest football game where the hottest matches in the world are in 2022! Coming to the Football Superstars 2022 game, you have the opportunity to experience the most professional and ranked football matches in the world. Which country's football team do you want to be a player in? What do you think about the top football teams in the world like the Netherlands, Spain, and Brazil? Join the most professional league of world football now to become the champion!

How to play is simple, You will be able to control your character easily. In this game, you will control the characters of your team to perform professional dribbling, overtaking opponents, and scoring goals. In addition to performing attacks on the opponent's goal, you need to have good defensive skills to not concede a goal. And of course like all other professional games, the winner will be decided by the score.


  • Favorite single-player soccer game
  • Scores are calculated automatically
  • The world's top football teams for you to choose from
  • The gameplay is simple, but it needs players to be good and quick to respond to all situations

How to play

  • To control the game, use the arrow keys.
  • Keep your eyes on the target.
  • To overcome the vast distance, press the A key.
  • To switch or switch, press the S key.
  • To fire or block, press D.