About Football Legends 2021


Let's start a top football match at Football Legends 2021 game. You will experience the feeling of playing football with the world's top soccer idol.

Football Legends 2021 was born to satisfy the love of football of everyone who loves this king sport. What do you think if you can play football in the status of a top soccer star in the world? There are many soccer stars for you to choose from. There is nothing better than the feeling of becoming a cult star of the king's sport and playing football under the cheers of millions of supporters and fans.

First, at the Football Legends 2021 game, you need to choose your favorite team to participate in the tournament. Because this is the biggest tournament in the world, you need to equip yourself with really professional soccer skills. Control your players well, combine your teammates well and work together to your advantage in this fun football match. There are 2 game modes for you to choose from. You can choose to play solo against AI opponents, or play with or with your friends.

How to play

Control in 1 player mode

  • "Arrow Keys" or "W, A, S, D" are used to move.
  • "X" or "L" as a dash
  • "Z" or "K" on an ultrasound picture

Control in 2-player mode
Player 1:

  • "W, A, S, D" is a move.
  • "B" should be shot.
  • "V" is an ultrasound picture.

Player 2:

  • "Arrow Keys" is a move.
  • "L" is the key.
  • "K" is an ultrasound picture.