About 2 Minutes Soccer


2 Minutes Soccer is an exciting soccer game in which you have to score as many as possible to get more points compared to your opponents in two minutes.

Two minutes? Yes, you don't mishear. A football match only lasting 2 minutes is waiting for you to try and enjoy. This game is a soccer match with limited time. Your mission is to control your character and shoot to the opposing goal. In 2 minutes, the team which gains more points will win.

By starting this game, you can experience a quick soccer game and play with Argentina and other players. However, recently, there have been mainly football matches between Argentina and Italy. Soccer matches in 2 minutes will bring wonderful moments to help you relax and release stress. Start now!

Features of 2 Minutes Soccer

  • Soccer battle game
  • Simple gameplay
  • Teamwork

Release Date

  • Sep 29 2021

How to play

  • AWSD or Arrows - Move
  • Z - Shoot
  • X - Pass
  • Space - Switch players
  • F - Fullscreen