About Snake Game


You can't ignore the Snake Game, which is an intriguing game. Join the snake survival game and consume apples to grow to your maximum size.

You can join a map with other difficult opponents right now. Show your hunting ability right from the start of the game. These red apples are the only food in this game for you. Plus, you'll face a bunch of dangerous stuff. If you don't want to be destroyed, you have to pay attention to avoid them. This is a fun game with simple gameplay that will give you and your family and friends moments of fun. longest snake possible.

Your goal is to live. You have a lot of food here. You are eating red apples. Anything else should not be consumed because it is a death trap. You will come upon poisonous green potions. The bombs in those red things are what will cause you to blow up if you touch them. Additionally, you must avoid colliding with any nearby snakes because doing so will result in your destruction. Can you win the game and grow into the largest snake? Start now and break this record! Have a wonderful time!

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How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the snake to hunt