About Moto X3M


Moto X3M is a challenging motocross racing game. Race off-road vehicles and perform incredible flying stunts. Conquer all 22 levels of the game now!

Explore the world of super racing at your leisure. The racing environment in this game is entirely distinct from the environment in earlier games. You no longer participate in auto races, to start. You don't travel on public roadways either. Instead, you will steer the strong motorcycle over a variety of terrain. This car's magnificence helps you conquer obstacles. With a helmet and other safety equipment, you can comfortably cross any road in this game. Start playing right away to embark on thrilling adventures with your hero!

Your objective in this game is to steer the bike and avoid obstacles. A level ends when you cross the finish line. The location is difficult to reach, though. There are numerous obstacles in the path. You can come across enormous spiked wheels or perilous traps along the way. Such obstacles must be. You might need to jump over them occasionally. You might need to read them slowly at times. Different strategies can be used to get through each challenge. Take the appropriate safety measures to overcome barriers. Running will get you to the checkpoints. In these places, your driving history will be saved. If you fall, you will start over.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control moto in this race.