About Run 3


There's a whole new galaxy waiting to be discovered in Run 3! To sprint and jump through space tunnels, use the arrow keys.

In the endless running game Run 3, you must direct your small alien through a variety of challenges. Joseph Cloutier is the author of the third game in the Run series, titled Run 3. In this game, you will launch and jump through perilous tunnels in space! Your risky journey through a forbidden location is part of the exciting action game. As your guy sprints around the continuously shifting environments, you'll need to keep an eye on him. Run beside the wall to locate a secure route.

Exploration Mode and Infinite Mode are the two game modes available for Run 3. To expand your Galaxy Map's levels, choose Explore Mode. In addition to having the chance to meet new people along the road, runners will come across a lot of new tunnels and locations. Pay close attention to the platforms that are directly in front of your character. Learn every facet of the tunnel so you can plan your upcoming jumps. This will show you how to twist the tunnels so that your character has lots of space to move about.


  • The Most loved endless running game
  • The game features aliens and a unique space track that gives you a sense of excitement
  • Running game combined with jumping over obstacles
  • Simple gameplay suitable for all types of players

How to play

  • Run and dart through space tunnels using the arrow keys.
  • The world will spin as you move if you use the left and right arrow keys.