Description is the most loved amazing snow trolley game. Start moving your trolley character to move into a giant snowball and take down your opponents!
 The fun game is a great suggestion for those who love snowball games. Let's start this fun snowball contest now. The space of the game is limited to an iceberg in the middle of the sea. Your task is to knock out all the opponents on this iceberg and be the only player left on it. You will have to face a lot of opponents on a snowy field. But if you have snowballing skills and good reflexes, you will definitely be the winner.


  • Move around to create snowballs. The longer you move, the bigger your ball will be. Then you will easily knock your opponent up.
  • Try to hit your opponents and shoot snowballs at them.
  • When you eliminate the opponent you will be increased in size and that is a big advantage in this game.
  • Remember to always keep an eye on your opponent because they can throw snow at you at any time.
  • Do not move outside because in such positions you will easily be pushed off the ice.