Football Killer

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About Football Killer


Play the funniest soccer game Football Killer now! Use the ball to impact your opponent and scare him. His expressions will make you laugh.

Have you ever played a football game with completely new rules? Do you like a ball game combined with puzzles? with the tournament game Come to the great game Football Killer. Here you can both play football and laugh your ass off with the ball attacking the opponent and causing them pain. Your task in this game is to solve the puzzle and complete the assigned task when you have defeated all the players of the opposing team who are trying to prevent you from scoring. Beat them and hit an accurate shot to score yourself.

There are many levels to play and you can show your ball shooting ability by killing enemies in one shot. But not the referee, who is invulnerable... He is a wise man... This logic game requires you to make smart decisions as well as defeat your opponent with a single shot.

Tips: Really make informed decisions to make it a mission. Because you only have one choice to handle the situation.