About SocCar


SocCar is an extremely attractive action car combination football game. Teams consist of players and AI-controlled RC cars and participate in the ball game, score goals, and win.

You can compete with other players in the thrilling multiplayer football and racing game SocCar to determine which squad is the best. Have you ever imagined how football might appear if played by automobiles? SocCar provides racing and soccer entertainment while also adding the defensive strategy of shooting your opponents, therefore it provides an answer to that topic. To participate in the SocCar action, join a room or make your own match with friends.

Since the SocCar game's action is extremely fast-paced, you will need to learn its controls and mechanics to succeed. Oh, and did we also mention that every car is equipped with a machine gun? To take the upper hand and score, shoot any enemy player that stands in your way. A wonderful time!


  • Free-to-play multiplayer soccer driving game inspired by Rocket League
  • A vehicle that might be improved as you progressed
  • Lots of fantastic moves to learn
  • You can use machine guns to direct the ball and take out opponents.
  • Two areas that are themed