About One More Pass


One More Pass is an extremely fun team-based volleyball game. Your task is to pass the ball every time it reaches your feet, pass it to the teammate in front and score a goal.

In a beautiful cubic, the world is taking place a wonderful football tournament that attracts the attention of many people. Many fans came to the stadium to cheer for the teams. Are you ready to join the tournament to compete for the championship? Where to start the match now! Wish you can become the champion of this tournament!

Your task is extremely simple to pass the ball and pass the ball. Pass the ball towards your teammate towards the opponent's goal. Combine well with teammates in a team to score great goals! Try to make the most of your time and score as many goals as possible. This game has many levels that challenge the player. In later levels, the difficulty will be increased and you need to be really quick to pass.


  • Pay attention to the opponent and distract so that the ball can reach the teammate's feet without being obstructed. Then when the ball reaches your striker, you can shoot and score.
  • You need to train yourself quick reflex skills. When the ball is passed to the players in turn. In order not to waste time on passing the ball, you need to have a quick reflex and pass the ball immediately every time the ball comes to your feet.
  • Never let bonbons get stuck on a defensive opponent. Pay attention and pass the ball so that the ball goes past your opponent and to your teammate's feet.