About 8 Ball Pool


Play 8 Ball Pool to show off your tactical abilities in online billiards matches. Through this new game, you can enjoy billiards matches with 8-ball gameplay.

This new game is a popular online snooker game and is loved on many platforms. This game is developed by Miniclip and allows players to participate in matches against other players from around the world.

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Rules of 8 ball billiards game

The rules of this billiards game are based on traditional billiards rules. The goal of the game is to hit all balls into holes before the opponent. In 8 Ball Pool, we use a billiards board with 15 balls, including 7 full-color balls, 7 scene balls, and one black ball. Players will choose a type of ball (full or flash). After that, let's put the ball into holes before putting the black ball to win.

Game Commentary

In the online 8 Ball Pool version, players can participate in other matches with other players around the globe.

8 Ball Pool online has stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. The game allows players to perform eye-catching shots and exquisite ball fights. The game also has support features such as the next direction and result path. Through it, players can improve their skills and tactics.