About Baseball


Start the amazing 3D sport Baseball game! Experience a game with realistic physics that makes you feel as if you are participating in a real baseball game.

Welcome to this fantastic game of baseball. Start living in a fantastical world of baseball. The hitter, pitcher, and hitter 3D models all appear to be quite realistic. graphics of the highest caliber for your mobile devices. To fully appreciate the captivating graphics, play the game on the tablet with a large screen. You may play in any direction with the help of more than 50 animations, whether you swing a baseball bat and hit the ball into a wall or send it into orbit. Play games against the world's best baseball nations, defeat them all, and win the global championship.

From a long list of more than 30 nations that play baseball, pick yours. Whether you choose a developed nation like the United States, Japan, Australia, or Korea, or an emerging nation like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Saudi Arabia, you must still perform well to be in the top spot. defeat all nations to claim the first, second, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth innings in the baseball world championships (worldcups).

How to play

Swing your stick by clicking on the screen. Ball depends on where your cursor is when you click.