About Cannon Surfer


Cannon Surfe is a fun running game with 3D graphics and breathtaking effects to pass the time. Control your fortress to overcome all obstacles on the track!

Considering competing in the Cannon Surfer race? Play a fun running game with 3D graphics and spectacular effects to pass the time. Pushing a cannon is an entertaining arcade game that will get you to the finish line. Don't go near the blocks. This game's stages can be finished using a variety of tactics. By including the tank, you can take care of the boss quickly. You can also utilize your right rainbow shell if you are unable to handle it.

Control the obstacle course on this difficult track is your objective in this entertaining game. You can fire a cannon by sliding your mouse. Your movements will affect how your character moves. Attempt to collect objects while getting rid of all the barriers. Please keep your attention on track to avoid becoming confused between items and obstacles. It's simple to get them confused because they appear jumbled up on the track. Click to begin this thrilling race right away!

How to play

You control the fortress by moving the mouse snag 2 sides.