About Drift 3


Drift 3 is an ideal game for gamers who are looking for a car driving game for multiplayer. Come to this game to experience interesting adventures.

No longer a single-player game. Now, the racing game Drifting is back with a new exciting multiplayer version. In particular, you can participate in intense races with 7 other players. Are you ready to join this multiplayer race? Let's start and enjoy the game now!

As mentioned above, you will have to control your car through difficult roads in an 8-player race. The roads change continuously in shape, from length to width. You have to try to be the last player on the track to win. The race is infinite if no champion is found. Like the previous version, this drifting volume has no obstacles. The most important factor is to adjust the time to change the vehicle direction accurately.

Besides, you can choose the car that you love the most and the name you give yourself to join the game.

Features of Drift 3

  • The endless car racing game for multiplayer
  • Have no obstacles and coins
  • Various beautiful cars

How to control

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to change the direction
  • Release it to go back