About Endless Runner 3D


Endless Runner 3D is an exciting running adventure game where you have to run in the subway and collect all gold coins to unlock new levels.

Do you feel ready to enter a street right now? Show your super running skills in Endless Runner 3D street running game. If you are a good runner, this is the best spot to score and get rewards. To participate in the race to collect coins and win amazing prizes that are waiting for you all, invite your friends.

Your goal in Endless Runner 3D is to run as far as possible while accumulating high scores. The point is that in order to achieve freedom, many obstacles must be overcome. Try to avoid hitting containers and other obstacles when you see them. However, you will also benefit from following this course. Along the way, you may come across power-ups that will quadruple your diamonds. You should run more if you want to learn additional skills.

Unlike Endless Runner 3D, this game is for single player, Run Bimboo Run, Snake Game, an Electron Dash.

How to play

Use the left arrow to move left. Use the right arrow to turn right. Arrow up to scroll down down arrow to leap. The hoverboard can be used.