About Football Flap Flap


Football Flap Flap game is a great combination of a soccer ball and a Flap Flap game. Your task is to avoid the spikes and send the soccer ball as far as possible.

The game of the Flap Flap genre is really fun and addictive. The combination of football and the game Flap Flap brings a new and exciting feeling. A winged ball that needs to be controlled by you to overcome the spikes and break records. This game requires you to have good control skills. You need to align the flight of the football so that the ball flies in the middle of the space between the 2 spikes. If you hit one of the two spikes, you will have to start over.

Unbelievable records have been set in this endless balloon control game. And can you be the one to break the quiz records? I'm sure you can because you're a great player.
If you find this game really awesome then don't forget to recommend it to your friends. Have fun playing the game and set a new record for yourself!


  • Estimating the height of the ball is reasonable and accurate.
  • React quickly when passing the spikes to avoid them in time.
  • To be able to feel and control the balloon to the height you want you to need to practice and get used to the mechanics of the ball!