About Goalkeeper


In the game Goalkeeper, you will be playing the role of a professional goalkeeper. In this game, you will be participating in the best soccer tournament as a goalkeeper.

Do you like sports? If you are a sports lover then one thing is certain that you will love the sport of kings like many sports fans around the world. One of the important positions of a team is the goalkeeper. To play in this position you need to have a quick and accurate reflex. If you are a good and confident goalkeeper I am sure your teammates will be able to love and play with the most relaxed attitude possible.

This amazing Goalkeeper game allows you to test and practice your blocking skills. You will control the player standing in front of the goal with a device equipped with a pair of gloves to catch the ball. Try to block shots from your opponent to not get scored. This is not easy, so you need to practice to be able to react quickly and catch the ball.


  • Prepare to be as comfortable as possible for your goalkeeper.
  • Confidence always plays a very important and necessary role for a goalkeeper when participating in a big tournament.
  • Put on your gloves and focus 100% on the opponent's ball, that's all you have to do with all the balls from the free-kick.