About Google Solitaire


Google Solitaire is an online card game with an attractive Google design. This solitaire gameplay will bring all of the players exciting card matches.

Information Of Google Solitaire

Welcome to the free version of the online Solitaire game designed by Google! This new game is a highly entertaining puzzle game. Another puzzle game is Four In A Row which you can play for free. In addition, the Google Solitaire game helps you improve your thinking ability with interesting card games.

Gameplay Of Solitaire Basics

The goal of the Solitaire game is to arrange all the cards into four Foundations in order from A to K, according to the bases: Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds.

You can move cards from Tableau or Stock to create descending rows of alternating colors (e.g. Black - Red - Black - Red). You can also move rows of cards arranged in descending order to the Foundations.

In addition, you can move a card or a sequence of cards from one location to another by dragging and dropping. If you turn a card over, the bottom card will be shown.