About Gravity Soccer 3


Gravity Soccer 3 will train your brain with the correct application of logic and physical principles in a ball game with no players on the field.

Watch each level carefully and get ready to destroy barriers, detonate bombs, and more! Push the ball in the direction of the goal in an effort to score! Solve all of the Gravity Soccer stages in this arcade game using logic. Destroy obstacles to move the ball into the grid and attempt to collect every star.

Also, you must attempt to gather every star that is dispersed around each level! Through dozens of levels filled with puzzles to complete and numerous goals to score, move slowly and at the appropriate moment. Are you prepared to go through the various obstacles that lie on the other side of the amusing screen? I hope you enjoy yourselves! Drop balls, bombs, and other items by tapping the rocks to remove them. To pass each level, you must put the ball in the goal. You can also collect stars to raise your score. Be patient because friction isn't actually a problem.

How to play

Tap/Click the objects to destroy.