About Knock Rush


Knock Rush is a fun action game for you. Your mission is to shoot down all the obstacles in your way and return to your destination safely.

Are you prepared for the Knock Rush game to end in a thrilling shootout? A shooting game with straightforward controls, Knock Rush will have you hooked right away. You must eliminate all the barriers in this game, notably the hazardous robots, by shooting them down. You will like playing this entertaining action game. After a long day at work, having fun is perfect. In particular, the graphics and gameplay in this game are appealing. Enjoy your free time by playing this fun game.

A shooting game with lots of freedom is called Knock Rush. To safely cross the finish line, you must shoot or obliterate the biochemical robots in your path. If you don't, they'll kill you, and you'll have to start over. Alternative weapons include roosters, umbrellas, robotic limbs, sandals, darts, and umbrellas, to name a few.

How to play

You control the character according to the instructions at the beginning of the game.