About Penalty Kick Target


Penalty Kick Target is an extremely attractive free kick game that any soccer fan should try. Are you confident in your ability to take a free-kick? Also, start a free kick match to split the winner with the opponent right now!

Penalty Kick Target belongs to the football sports game genre that is loved by many people. This game will be a perfect suggestion for those who love football and want to experience their free-kick ability in video games. However, to have successful free kicks, you need to have good free kick skills. And that can improve with your own training efforts.


  • Free kicks into the dead corner are always appreciated because the scoring rate is very high and the goalkeepers are forced to give up these shots.
  • The stele is probably the position where you need to hit the ball to score. Please align and apply the right force to complete the task.

How to play

You left click and move to determine the appropriate ball direction, then release the mouse.