About Pongis


Pongis is an extremely cute and fun football game that will make you feel excited. Join the matches and win the finals to earn Pongis.

The fantastic soccer game Pongis features furious 1-on-1 action. Use the arrow keys on your computer to maneuver your soccer player as you attempt to control the ball and score as many goals as you can in the allotted time in this easy yet entertaining game. Select from a wide range of adorable avatars and a dizzying array of international teams.

For every game you play, you get a Pongis. You are awarded one Pongis for every goal you score. For triumphs, you are awarded 3 Pongis, for ties, 1 Pongis, and for each game that is successfully completed, you are awarded an additional Pongis. For speedier AI, more Pongis can be obtained.
Keep in mind that you must monitor your opponent to prevent goals from being scored. You must be able to dribble the ball and respond rapidly. Gold coins that you acquire from winning matches can be used to unlock higher-ranking teams that will help you win more often. Enjoy your day of football!

How to play

You use the arrow arrow key to move your user