About Ragdoll Soccer


Ragdoll Soccer is a special soccer game. This game is completely different from the real football simulation games. It will give you a new playing experience.

A soccer game using physics is called Ragdoll Soccer. The game features a one-player challenge mode and a two-player soccer competition. To win the game, try to stay unharmed and score goals. Get rid of your biases and accept the peculiar mechanics. Be open-minded as you approach this physics-based puzzle. And you'll enjoy yourself for hours. You can fasten yourself to the ceiling by using a clip-on cord. Gain enough momentum by kicking back and forth to strike the ball. Record as many times as necessary, then move on to the next phase.


  • Unique novel football theme game
  • A funny soccer game with a swing
  • Addictive online game
  • A new creative way to play
  • Good graphics and sound create a sense of fun
  • Suitable for all ages of players

How to play

  • Player 1
    Use SPACEBAR to Start/Release
    Use W and S keys to Move up/down
    Use the left/right Swing key
  • Player 2
    Press L to Start/Release the rope
    Use up and down arrow keys to Move up/down
    Use Left and Right Arrow Keys Rotate left/right