About Sahara Racer


Sahara Racer an amazing racing game where you can participate in endless races. You will experience a special race track in the vast desert.

Are you ready to take part in a challenging marathon? If you are a good racer, you will love this challenging track. Sahara Racer is a familiar driving game like Madalin Cars Multiplayer. The game is set on a racetrack in the vast Sahara desert, where there are cactus bushes. These are the obstacles that stand in your way. They are everywhere on the track, so you have to be careful or they will blow up your car. You need to drive through the cactus tufts and all the nagging obstacles that appear on this track. Try to go as far on this track to set a new record.


  • The blue rings on the map catch your eye. The blue rings will form a shield to protect your car as you pass through. Obstacles won't present a difficulty for your car.
  • To be able to dodge difficulties in time, pay attention to the track and keep an eye out for any emerging obstacles on the route.
  • To prevent your car from exploding, stay away from the cactus bushes.
  • Avoid contacting the wooden track poles.

How to play

The arrow keys on your keyboard are used to maneuver your vehicle through the game's numerous obstacles.