About Slime Ball


Slime Ball is a fun volleyball-themed game with completely new graphics. You control your slime character to join an exciting match.

Welcome to the world of slime characters! Surely this character will leave an impression on you because it is completely different from the ones you usually see. Slime has a colorful and beautiful world of its own. A volleyball tournament is being held here. Are you ready to join this tournament to win the championship? The slime needs your help to defeat all opponents in this exciting volleyball tournament. Start the game now!

Slime Ball is a straightforward online game that is minimalist in its design. The two slimes, which are actually two pieces, are facing one another on a line that represents the volleyball net. They jump on a ball to pass it back and forth. The trajectory of the ball depends on the angle and speed of contact. It's essentially Pong, but from a different angle and with a little trickier mechanics. Perhaps you didn't expect it to be more than a novelty. However, it's a game that's simple to pick up, simple to put down, and simple to understand, but difficult to master.

How to play

  • Player 1 (Blue Slime) uses the W key to jump. Use the A key to go left. Use the D key to go right. Space to shoot.
  • Player 2 (Red Slime) uses the up arrow key to jump. Use the left arrow to go left. Use the right arrow to go right. Use P key to shoot.