About Slope Ball


Slope Ball game is very fun. Are you ready to go on adventures involving the ball? To save a world, travel to a new planet, and conquer challenges.

You have an interesting journey ahead of you! Do you enjoy exploring? Do you desire to participate in expeditions? You should play this game to explore a different planet.


The protagonist of this game is a ball. This persona frequently takes part in daring exploits. He liked the ride more the more difficult it was. The ball once traveled to a new planet. There is gloom all throughout our globe. The mascots are the cause. The planet's mascots have been darkened. They lost the hexagon and turned into dreadful beasts. Powerful creatures include the T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, the giant snake Titanoboa, the flying monster Quetzalcoatlus, the ferocious bear Megatherium, and the shark Megalodon. Anyone can be attacked by them. The ball was resolved to bring peace back to our planet with a fearless heart. The quest of the ball to locate the hexagonal diamonds will start. Together, let's overcome obstacles and accomplish his objectives!


There are 11 distinct levels you must complete. With more complicated obstacles, the levels will get harder. You must use character control to avoid these threats. Cross the spikes by jumping. Overfly zones with protracted spikes. Through portals, you can alter your character. There are 6 portals, each one representing a unique character. They are the Wave, Robot, Ball, Ship, UFO, and Spider. Each character flies in a unique manner. To control each character, use your control. Additionally, the game contains a system of objects like Jump rings and Jumping pads. They'll assist you in overcoming the challenges. Some things, however, are not required. To stay safe, you may occasionally need to jump over these objects.

How to play

To control your character, press the left mouse button, the spacebar, or the up arrow key.