About Soccer Champ


Soccer Champ is a fun and attractive soccer game in which you have to kickball and score within 30 seconds time. Let's start and enjoy this game!

Welcome to the world of soccer, where you don't need to compete with other players. In this game, you will transform into a cute dog to participate in a one-button football game. Your mission is to kick balls and score when it is right on the crosshair. Your time is 30 seconds for each round. Spend each second to score. Besides that, you can get the bonus time for each score. Score goal as many as possible and get the highest score.

The gameplay is simple and suitable for all ages. You can enjoy this game anytime and anywhere you like. Let's start this game to enjoy a true championship atmosphere!

Features of Soccer Champ

  • Football game with dog
  • Run and kick goals
  • Various dog opponents

How to play

  • Click mouse to kick the ball.