About Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball


A wonderful game for unwinding is Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball. In the allotted time, control the magnet ball to draw in all the debris. Find out about the game right away!

Join the exciting online game Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball now! Do you often play with magnets? The feeling of sucking everything around is really interesting. If you like this feeling, then the game Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball is a perfect suggestion for you. In this fun magnet game, you will be using magnets and performing assigned tasks. This game is a combination of the rolling ball game genre and a gravity physics platform. A fantastic game that promises to bring you great experiences!

Massive constructions' magnets will now be less powerful. Bring the ball up close to the structure and suck in all the debris that is falling off it. Limit bar consumption to the amount of time you have to collect the components. The higher the limit rod consumption you can regulate the magnet ball at, the faster. So, maneuver carefully to stay within the bounds. Keep in mind that the red cannons are the regions you shouldn't suck into. Avoid them and avoid spilling the structure into the red cannons because doing so will make it more difficult for you to suction up the debris.

How to play

You use the arrow keys to control the ball.