About Stack Fire Rider 3D


Stack Fire Rider 3D is an amazing 3D arcade game with 3D blocks and balls. Players need to collect balls and avoid obstacles. Let's get the ball to the finish line.

Ready to play the entertaining game Stack Fire Rider 3D? Now let's begin the adventure to the white ball's finish line. This is a brand-new and interesting challenge. With its captivating gameplay and 3D visuals, Stack Fire Rider 3D is regarded as one of the most interesting new arcade games this year. Interested in what lies ahead? You will undoubtedly be shocked by the fascinating events that this game has in store for you. Let's find out why the 3D game Stack Fire Rider is so popular.

In the online game Stack Fire Rider 3D, your goal is to assist your ball in crossing the finish line. You will encounter obstacles on the route to the finish line, such as orange blocks and gray loincloths. Being near the gray bricks will destroy you, therefore you must be careful to avoid them. You are permitted to destroy the orange blocks without having to dodge them. It's important to note that there won't be as many balls with these hazardous obstructions. The ball also functions as a tiny launcher that can fire additional balls to defeat opponents. Don't forget to gather when faced with these challenges. I'm glad you'll enjoy yourself and finish all the levels!

How to play

Hold down the left mouse button and slide the snag on both sides to control the direction of the ball.