About Four In A Row


The Four In A Row game challenges your wits. It belongs to the genre of puzzle games similar to checkers. However, it has unique points waiting for you to discover!

Four In A Row is one of the most popular puzzle games because it really makes you use your brain in a game. Similar games will help you practice sharp thinking. It is very good for your brain and high concentration. The four In A Row game enhances cognitive skills as well as good strategic thinking. So it's totally a healthy and useful online game.


  • Puzzle game inspired by the classic game of checkers
  • Healthy puzzle game for brain training
  • Fun two-player puzzle game
  • Simple checkerboard graphics and fun sounds


  • You need to always think to find a move to reach 4 cells of the same color in any direction.
  • To easily reach 4 squares of the same color you should put the moves in the middle. Because the ability to deploy the path around is easier.
  • Pay attention to your opponent's moves because he is most likely plotting to set up 4 moves of the same color before you find out.

How to play

Click to place your gems