About Vex 5


Join the exciting action game Vex 5 now! You play the character of a stickman, and swinging on the pillars is the only way to overcome all dangers on the road.

Are you ready to join the amazing action game Vex 5? People adore the action game Vex 5. Your objective will be to swing on the rope swings on the pillars to get past all of the lethal obstacles while acting as a stickman fleeing from the enemies. Each level is a labyrinth of dangerous obstacles and traps. To succeed, you must get beyond these challenges. This fifth installment will likely have some of the most difficult obstacles.

Vex 5 is a challenging but captivating game. There are several challenging stages to understand. As you move along, you'll receive trophies. In the new challenge mode, your skills will be tested. The release of the movie is scheduled for November 2020. To see how far you can make it, enter the first of numerous Challenge Rooms. Not only that, but you may also earn a ton of trophies and achievements. If you think you've mastered every challenge in this fantastic action game, try the incredibly strange difficulty mode.

How to play

To move left, press the left arrow or A. To move to the right, press D or the RIGHT arrow. To crouch, drop, or slide while sprinting, press DOWN ARROW or S. For a jump or ascend, press W or UP ARROW.