About Merge Fruits


Play Merge Fruits to test your intelligence by matching as many fruits as possible to get the highest score. This game will focus on the fruit-merging gameplay. The gameplay is the most important factor of this puzzle game. Let's learn Merge Fruits gameplay together.

Gameplay Of Merge Fruits

Let's start this new game by dropping fruits onto the playing board. You can drop fruits anywhere on the game screen. However, they should achieve their goal: merge two identical fruits to create a new one. This new fruit will be larger than the previous ones. Points are also added from these successful merges.

With this typical fruit-merging gameplay, how many points can you win? Join Merge Fruits and show off your abilities. After playing this puzzle, you can play Four In A Row to test other possibilities.

Some Notes For Fruits

As you can know, you need to merge fruits to achieve the goal of this puzzle game. However, there are many notes that players need to pay special attention to. In particular, Merge Fruits players need to distinguish between fruit types. The fruits will have different shapes and colors.

In addition, the fruits will not be removed after dropping. The only way is to merge same fruits to remove them from the playing board.